2039 Broadwater Ave, Billings, MT 59102, Next door to St Vincent's Clinic

Residential and Commercial Storage Facility in Billings, MT

Space is at a premium in most households and businesses alike. When closets, basements, attics and garages are filled to capacity, it is probably time to think about alternate storage options. Self-storage is a great way to hold on to valuables that you want to keep but have no room to store. Broadwater Self Storage has all the room you need.

Broadwater Self Storage in Billings, MT is a self-storage facility offering long and short term storage options for household and commercial items.
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Storage Options

Check out our services page now for more information on our storage options.
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Safe & Secure

Our facility is outfitted with security cameras and security gate.We also recently installed brand new lighting throughout our facility. You can rest assured knowing your belongings are secure.
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Lock it Up

We are now selling disk locks at just $10 each! Stop into our office and pick one up today.

Easy to Come and Go

Broadwater Storage offers prorated rates! Why pay a full month if you don't need it? We also only require a 15 day notice unlike competetiors that need 30 or even 60 day notices.

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